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Top 17 Ways to Increase “SEO” Ranking in 2018

Achieving a great SEO ranking can sound to be a herculean task. But obviously, SEO rankings matter when you take your website seriously and want it to be among the top-notch results of  Google searches.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way to enhance the number of visits to your website and also ensuring that it is visible on the first page of the Google results.

There are no hard and fast rules  as such  to enhance the Search Engine Optimization rankings but it takes practice and effective long-term strategies to implement the desired results. It is better to DIY the SEO rankings yourself instead of hiring a service company. Though the view and requirement may vary from person to person.

Here come best 17 ways or tips to ensure higher rankings of your articles.

  1. Eye-catching title.

The title of your article should be attractive, including numbers and luring descriptions that the viewers are bound to go through your article.

For instance, “way to enhance SEO ranking” and “17 best ways to enhance SEO ranking”, quite obviously the latter sounds more appealing than the previous one.

One of the easiest tip that you can involve to enhance the SEO ranking of your website.

  1. Content matters.

What people look through while surfing is for effective content. Content worth quality is circulated in the circuit and thus can be benefitting. An 1800 word article would be more preferred over a 300 word article. Thus provide the quality of content to your articles.

Even google loves adequate content and hence places you higher in the search results.

  1. Keywords, keywords and keywords.

Keywords are game changers when concerned with SEO rankings. Search results are based on how many times a website has been viewed and the keywords used, play an important role in displaying the results.

Use relevant keywords for your article, add suitable adjectives and make them long-tailed.

For instance, “wooden bowl” is the keyword, “handcrafted wooden bowl: teak wood and finely designed”,l you can see the difference in the most opted results.

You can even steal the most ranked keywords of your topmost competitors to stand in the race. You can also research of keywords if you want it would be more effective than stealing ranked keywords.

  1. Design the keywords.

Google loves originality and creativity and hence your creativity is something which can be  “guiding steps” to boost up the performance of your article.

You can come up with new keywords to incorporate in your articles and enjoy the high ratings.

  1. Internal links help.

Though your article may be published on to the 7th or the 8th page of the results, you can add top-notch relevant internal links to climb up the ladder of ranking.

For instance, in your article you could use an internal link of the article that has been published on the first page of Google results. It helps to increase your rating.

  1. Outreach email.

Make your outreach emails more convincing. A little trick here, the word “because” sounds to produce greater effect on human psychology.

An example here…

“Can I take this seat ?”

“Can I take this seat because I want to feed my baby ?”

The second statement would have more percentage of positive results. Thus implement this trick even in your outreach emails for a greater impact. Include the word “because” and play the game of convincing.

  1. Shorter URLs plays.

Try creating shorter urls for your articles or websites. Shorter urls are likely to be viewed more as compared to longer urls tending to have multiple slashes and many words.

  1. Multimedia dominates.

Often when you surf for a word or phrase, Google’s first page tends to add the links to video results even.

So when you publish an article and you have a YouTube page even, add the link to the article and also give a short description of the video of about 200 words engulfing the desired keyword.

It would certainly help increase the ratings.

  1. Graphics not to be missed.

Boring textual articles can be turned colourful and interesting by adding soothing and relevant pictures, cartoons , graphs, statistical data or even a short video or an audio.

Provide that lusture to your simple texts and you see the magic.

  1. Hack wikipedia and reddits.

Keep looking for interesting content and be curious to add new and obscure words to your articles.

Surf through Wikipedia to collect some useful data and keywords and incorporate them in your website display.

Similarly, reddits are the first page of your internet as known earlier, so you can always see whats trending, whats new in the town and you can always keep up with the pace. Involve those keywords, hashtags, news etc. to maintain your high in the SEO ranking.

  1. Mobile Friendly site.

In the era of smart phones and A.L., your website is bound to support mobile friendly services. The layout of your website should be such that it easily fits into the 5″ or more screen without having to compromise with any kind of quality features.

However, it should have a provision to serve desktop screens too.

This feature allows greater access to your content and highly to be viewed thus contributing to the increase in SEO rating.

  1. Loading…..obviously not!

No body has so much of time to keep waiting for your website to load. Try reducing the loading time of your website, as it would invite more viewers.

Long loading would certainly drive away the existing viewers. Lesser loading time would increasingly help you to enhance your SEO ranking.

  1. Use title modifier.

Interesting title modifier can add up little magic in your articles. Modifiers such as “best”, ” current year” and “review” can enhance the quality of your title content and ratings of SEO. Thus getting you in the top-notch results.

Such as..

“Best places to hang out with friends.”

“Review of cars launched in 2017.”

  1. Google search console tool.

Google consoles can be really of great help in Increase your SEO ranking once you are hands-on with them.

Moving to search Analylitcs then to Impressions can give you a count of certain serched keywords. By collecting this data you can manipulate with your articles and get them on top the desired results.

Moreover, Google keep providing such creative facilities as to enhance the reach of your post benefitting both. The add-on perks add the icing to the cake.


  1. Google Rankbrain.

Optimize your site with Google Rankbrain alogrithm. This service helps to measure the interaction with the results on the first page. The more you interact with a particular link in the search results, the more it will get higher in the ranking.

Here the keywords in a certain title link act as concepts for Google, if that concept satisfy the viewers need, which is marked upon by the dwell time, the title link rises up the ladder of ranking. On the other hand, if that very link do not meet the demands of the viewer, it gets lower down in the ranking.

The number of times the title links is clicked, you can think of it as the credit of points. More the clicks, more the credit points and hence more the SEO ranking, which is divine.

  1. Lost links.

There are some dead links or some oblivious content which could be great. An enthusiast might have worked upon a website or an article and might have discarded it due to some reasons.

You can make most of them, you can get a list of dead links of concern and then improve them to your benefit. The contents on 6th or the 7th page can too be considered and looked upon.

  1. Outbound links matter.

In your articles when you mention a fact or any statistics, or a survey result or any other such thing that you have collected from any source. Do not forget to mention the link. Provide the link below such that the user can switch to the original site of that particular data.

Though these are little things but can contribute a lot to add in the rankings.

Morever, fix those broken links in your article or website pages. Scrutinize such things and fix them to attain most of the benefits.

All in all, great SEO rankings can be achieved easily. Though it may take little time to get through the process.  A Simple set of process can be kept in mind to get the higher ranking.

Once you achieve that phase, you know well how to manipulate with keywords, content and other technological access that can be of great help in future endeavours. Higher SEO ranking thus, make your site most preferred one through search criterions.

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